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What kind of live publishing workflow is there?

This depends on how you want it to work. The number of steps between development and live is up to you to decide. For HJ, during the current development cycle, our development environment is the work environment for GMs and we do not have a test or live world. However, that will change later this year. We will have a formal QC world, and then at least one test world to start. The QC world is the build candidate that will then be distributed to a test server. Final testing is done on the test server and then the content either moves to a player test world or to live (or any other test world we find useful to have). Moving content between worlds is handled by our World Publish tool.

What kind of development workflow / verification of work, is there?

Again the workflow adapts to what works best for you. The tool doesn't presuppose any particular content methodologies, but does provide features that enable workflows that would not have been possible before. For example, the real-time nature of art asset introduction and updates is a tremendous time-saver. The collaborative nature can make for extremely efficient world-building teams that would be difficult to ever approximate with "branch and merge" approaches, etc.

You can extend the systems to include your own QC controls and tracking as fits your workflow. Or you could even adopt some of our own procedures and tools from Hero's Journey if you like. We'd be glad to show you how it all works on your visit.

What is the suggested team structure that would work best with Hero Engine, utilizing its built-in workflow?

HeroEngine will likely fit within whatever workflow you desire. The biggest thing to get acquinted with, and excited about, is the real-time collaborative features. The key to HeroEngine is leveraging this capability through your content development cycle.

We would be happy to introduce you to our best practices as we go forward and see how this fits with your needs.

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