Upgrading a HeroEngine installation

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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).

Upgrading a HeroEngine installation is what must be done when a customer upgrades to a new version of HeroEngine.

Follow these procedures to upgrade a world:

  1. Shut the world down
  2. Backup the database and keep a copy nearline
  3. Run the HeroEngine DB Migration Tool
  4. Run the HeroEngine Publish Package for the version desired
  5. Create or obtain new executables for the world for the version desired
    • Full licensees: Accept the HeroEngine-supplied executables
    • Source licensees: Accept new HeroEngine-supplied source code and create new executables
      • Updated source code is available through Perforce
      • Building executables for deploy is done with the build script
  6. Use the Deploy Client to upgrade the configurations for the deploys in the Deploy system used by the world (server processes, HeroBlade client, Repository Browser, etc.)
    • Apply a HeroEngine-supplied configuration upgrade for the various deploy products
      • If configuration upgrades are required for the deploys, the changes will be included in Perforce
    • Change the inheritance of the deploy configurations to the new configuration bases
  7. Update the Deploy Server's WISE installer scripts base.wse and basePatch.wse if the files have changed
    • The files are located in the Perforce depot in /tools/deployment/base
  8. Do a Deploy of the world's deploy products to place the new executables on the Launch Server
  9. Shut down the Fireup Daemons for the servers so the auto-upgrade script can install the new version of the executables
  10. Start the world after the Fireup Daemon automatically restarts

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