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How is my team allowed to use the Hero's Journey reference world?

The Hero's Journey Reference world is available to all licensees to use as a resource/reference to how we have implemented our game using HeroEngine. Our normal procedures do not have us making a separate reference world for each licensee, so I do not believe we were planning to make a unique reference world available to you. (is this still accurate?)

As far as making modifications, it is not necessary to forbid changes or experimentation in the reference world as we regularly update it to the most current version of Hero's Journey. We also recognize that it is sometimes useful to be able to explore implementations in a game world that already has content.

Typical experimentation we see in HJ Reference during the early stages of a license are the use of our game content to practice making areas, exploring the FXSystem, tossing debugging into scripts to understand logic flow, or creating new scripts/classes/fields to implement something that interacts with Hero's Journey's game systems. It should be understood that any work you do in HJ Reference is subject to being overwritten and consequently lost when we update the world.

All we ask of your team is that if they happen to make a change that breaks HJ Reference (that they are not unable to revert) that they let us know, so we can take a look at it or refresh it with the most current version of Hero's Journey.

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