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The territory system is a way to define a space that is acceptable for AI to use for particular game reasons. This space is defined using 1 or more pathfinding nodes. The system also defines an expanded acceptable range called a "boundary" which is also a collection of pathfinding nodes. Boundaries are always associated with a territory and always encompass that territory. Imagine that you want to give creatures an area to wander around in while they wait for a player to come attack them. You also want to define a larger range at which that creature will give chase to a player before deciding to simply let the player run away. These two basic concepts are why we created territories and boundaries, respectively.

The Territory Management panel can be found in the Hot Spot Interface under the Tools tab.


Tm main.jpg

Most of the interface is pretty self-explanatory. For pathfinding nodes, clicking the ID in the list (under either "PATHFINDING NODES" or "BOUNDARIES") will select the pathfinding node in HeroBlade. You can ctrl+click to select multiple nodes. To add nodes to a territory or its boundary, simply select them in HeroBlade with the normal selection tool and then click the appropriate "add" button. To remove nodes, select them in the list, then click the appropriate "remove" button.

Note that when working with territories, it is generally useful to have "PathFinding" turned on in the Filters menu drop down.

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