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RepositoryName string Name of repository in which to load and save data HE
PhysicsServerStatisticsInterval integer Frequency of statistics updates to Master Control 60000
DirectedProcessHeartbeatRate integer Time between heartbeats, in milliseconds 30000
WatcherWaitTime integer How long it waits after a .DAT file write before it starts the build process for the navmesh 10,000
DirectedProcessNumber integer parameter passed to the started physics server process to identify it 0
PATHMAKER_MAX_MEMORY integer maximum memory, in megabytes, to be used by the path maker 300
repositoryUserName string The username and database identifier that the process will use to login to the Oracle database of the Repository FS_REPOSITORY_DEV@FSDEV
repositoryPassword string The password for logging into the Oracle database for the Repository FS_REPOSITORY_DEV
PhysicsServerUpdateDuration integer maximum duration, in milliseconds, of time spent in the physics server update routine per pump cycle 10
PhysicsServerRegistrationRetryDelay integer not used by the physics server director 10000
PhysicsServerHeartbeatInterval integer interval, in milliseconds, between sending heartbeat messages to physics servers 30000
PhysicsServerRegistrationRetryCount integer not used by the physics server director 10
PhysicsLogFile string if set, the physics server will log information to a file starting with this name, followed by a time stamp and the .txt extension ""
MAX_PATHMAKER_CPU integer amount of time, in milliseconds, to allow the pathmaker to execute during each pump cycle 50
PATHMAKER_ENABLED integer setting this to an non-zero value will enable the pathmaker process 0
MAX_PATH_BUILD_CPU integer amount of time, in milliseconds, to work on path building solutions during each pump cycle 25
PhysicsResourcePumpDuration integer amount of time, in milliseconds, to allow the total physics pump cycle time to occupy 10
PathSystemPlugin string deprecated configuration value HBPathSystem_AIWISDOM.dll
MAX_SOLVER_CPU integer amount of time, in milliseconds to allocate towards solving path finding requests per pump cycle 25
PhysicsPathMaker integer the physics server director modifies this value to 1 when starting a physics server in PathMaker mode 0
MAX_PHYSICS_SCENES integer the number of scenes a physics server instance should handle before being considered 'full'. 63
PATHMAKER_MAX_ACTIVE_TASKS integer An upper limit on the number of active tasks a pathmaker will process, tasks beyond that number will queue up for processing later. 20
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