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This is a basic overview page of what HeroBlade is, and how its parts fit together. For an easy tutorial on how to install and run HeroBlade, see Getting Started With HeroBlade.
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HeroBlade is the name for the Front End that is used by developers to view and manipulate worlds that have been created in HeroEngine. It contains all of the tools needed for area creation, designing data and game objects, creating special effects, implementing graphical user interfaces (GUIs), script editing, and so forth.

HeroBlade is a huge application, and there are many pages in this wiki devoted to its features. This page that you are reading right now is simply a brief overview.


HeroBlade Numbers

A different numbered HeroBlade is required for each cluster of servers in the HeroCloud. So if you have a HeroCloud world on US East 21, then you need the HeroBlade US East 21. If you plan to work on more than one project you may need to install additional HeroBlades to access them.

There are also "player client" versions of HeroBlade, which allow customers to explore the game world, but without giving them access to the developer tools, but these are only available to HeroCloud developers at the beta stage of their project.

HeroBlade uses

A few of the things that HeroBlade can be used for:

HeroBlade parts


The most commonly used toolbars are:

Parenting toolbar.png

Problems and Issues

See also

Step by step instructions, on how to use the HeroBlade development tools to build a game
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