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This page contains an index for some commonly used functions which are documented in this HeroEngine wiki.

If you are looking for a particular function in this wiki, it may be fastest to simply type the name of the function into the search box at the left of this page, or clicking on the Functions category at the bottom of the page.

Not all functions are documented in the wiki, so checking for specific code via the Search function in the Script editor may be necessary for some.

Function signatures are also viewable in the client and server ExternalFunctions scripts (see External functions).

The Functions

Note: Some functions are utility functions which are "built-in," meaning that they are accessible to both client and server. However, most functions are external, which are available in separate versions on client or server (and sometimes both).

Aside.gif Some functions are only available on the client, and some only on the server

Please be sure to check the notes next to whichever function that you are interested in, to ensure that it runs in the proper venue!

Node and Class Functions

String and Message Functions

Math Functions and other Programming Utilities

World-Affecting Functions

Miscellaneous Functions

See also

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