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/HESTYLESET is a Chat command which allows copying of area settings so they may be pasted to other areas. Settings include those of the Terrain panel, Environment, and sky.


Copied settings

The following settings are copied as a complete set:

Terrain Channel settings from the Terrain panel, including:

Sky settings

Environment settings


The Styleset window

Type /HESTYLESET into the Chat panel to launch the Styleset GUI.

There are four buttons:

Copy Copies the Styleset Data to your character. You must then travel to the area where you want to paste them.
Paste Pastes the Data that was previously copied, to the area you are in.
Become Master Makes the current area into a Master Styleset Area, meaning it creates a copy of its styleset. This makes it available to other areas AND updates these settings twice a day in case of changes.

NOTE: You must be in the area's EDIT instance to use this option!

Become Clone
Example of STYLESET Master areas
Formats the current area's Styleset to be the same as the specified master. Clicking this button opens a selection window of available Master Styleset areas. Choose one and click Select</t>. This then copies the master area's Styleset settings to the current area, and continues to check for updates twice a day.

NOTE: This must be used in an EDIT instance for it to apply to instances of your area.

Tech details

This utility copies several fields from the AreaNode of an area. For the Copy function, it stores the data temporarily on the developer's character. This allows the developer to then move to a different area, so the the settings can be pasted there.

The Master and Clone system stores the data in the Style Set Spec Oracle, where clone areas can retrieve them on demand without having to spin up the master area.


Historical note: This command used to be known as /DYDCOPY.

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