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The Style Set Spec Oracle can be accessed via the Hot Spot Menu. It provides the definitions for "Master area" Style sets, which are then drawn from for "Clone areas".

Styles can also be copied and pasted from area to area via the /HESTYLESET command, which stores the data on the developer's player character. However, when setting a "master" set, the data is instead stored in the Style Set Spec Oracle.

Note: Though styles can be viewed in the Spec Oracle, this is generally only for debugging purposes, or to doublecheck which fields are currently covered. Modifying the style data directly via the Spec Oracle can be very error-prone. Instead, to actually modify the styles, it is better to modify the edit instance of the master area normally, via the Terrain panel, Environment panel, and so forth, and then use the /HESTYLESET command to update the master.

Viewing the Spec Oracle

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