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The HeroEngine Status Monitor is a handy utility that sits in your Task Bar (near the clock) and lets you know if the servers are up or down. While in development, a world's status can change every few minutes, so it's very helpful to see the status monitor's color change from green (up) to red (down). If the servers are down, you won't be able to login to the game, so you'll have to wait for the Monitor to change to green again before you can launch the client again.

The Status Monitor can also display announcements like "Server going down in 10 minutes," or "New version of HeroBlade just released." The announcements will display in a small popup for a brief time, and then disappear. If you're not sure if you missed one or not, you should be able to either hover your mouse over the Monitor, or right-click on it and choose "Announcement / View Last".


Note: The Status Monitor is not available for all licensees. Check with your HeroEngine representative as-needed.

The Status Monitor is available as a separate download, which will be available either on your local download page, or can be obtained from the HeroEngine MMO Platform downloads page.

Once installed, the Status Monitor should automatically show up in your taskbar. If not, try running it from the Start button. It should be in your Program menu under Play.Net/Tools.

To have the Status Monitor auto-start when you boot your computer:

Menu options


Right-clicking on the status monitor icon pulls up the following menu options:

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