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The Stat Center Server is a process which collects statistics from other processes within the world.

The initial purpose is to display top resource consumers for identification of Denial-of-Service attackers. This is shown in it's summary information in the Master Control Console.



Note: Only customers with full or source licenses can modify values via the Master Control Console.

StatCenterUpdateIntervalSeconds integer How often the top users data is generated for the statistics tab 5
StatCenterTopCount integer How many users are displayed for each resource 5
StatCenterShowIP integer non-zero to show IP with each user 0
StatCenterShowID integer non-zero to show account ID with each user 0
StatCenterAgeLimitSeconds integer how long to retain the statistics being collected. This should be longer than the rate they are normally sent (StatsUpdateIntervalSeconds) 20
StatCenterLogDebugCount integer The number of log entries to make with stat information from startup 0
StatCenterDetailUser string One account name for which to provide additional data to the statistics tab

Building the Stat Center Server

Non-source code licensees

As a non-source code licensee, this executable will be provided.

Source code licensees

For source code licensees, this executable is built by the Firestorm solution in $/firestorm/ where "$" represents the root of the branch.

Deploying the Stat Center Server

Unless you are upgrading a pre-1.23 installation of HeroEngine, skip this step.

There are two steps to prepare for a deploy of the new servers.

  1. Perforce contains an updated //depot/HeroEngine/.../tools/deployment/base/base.wse. This needs to synced to the machine(s) running Deploy Server.
  2. Reconfigure the Deploy Server so that it will deploy the new files.
Open up the Deploy Server Client, and edit the deploy configuration for the server deploy corresponding to the WISE file that was edited. Select the FILES configuration value and edit the values, making sure they include the following files:
_StatCenterDaemon.pdb -o
Then, edit the REVERSION_EXES configuration to include the new server executable, _StatCenterDaemon.exe.

Add the process to a World

There are 2 options here. One is to delete and recreate the entire world configuration. This is easy using the World Editor as long as there hasn't been any manual customization.

The other option is to manually update the configuration. See Editing configuration values. The StatCenterDaemon should have a daemon definition (STAT_CENTER with EXE TAG: STAT_CENTER_DAEMON) and process definition (Startup Order: 9999) that's added to the CORE service. There are no required parameters.

After all the configuration changes, issue a /shutdown command to Master Control to reload the configurations from the database.

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