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This is an easy-level tutorial outlining HeroEngine's workhorse of development, the HeroBlade client, and specifically how to use it to move around within a game world.



HeroBlade is the world- and game-building component of HeroEngine. Your world builders, game mechanics team, artists and so on will all use HeroBlade.

With HeroBlade you can:

Make sure you've already followed the setup instructions located on your account page at [1].

If problems are experienced with the client, first check here for a list of Common Problems.

Learn how to look around

See also: Exploring an area

At this point, clicking and dragging with the mouse will do different things, depending on which of two modes you are in, Character Mode (also called Game Mode) or Fly Mode (also called Camera Mode). These modes are entered into either by clicking on the appropriate button in the Transform Toolbar at the top of HeroBlade, or via a Keyboard shortcut.

Character (Game) Mode

Character tool.png This is the default mode when HeroBlade first starts up. To return to this mode in the future, simply click on the Character Button in the Transform Toolbar, or press the ` (reverse apostrophe) key.

While in this mode, the mouse buttons and keyboard keys work as follows. It is highly recommended to practice with all of them, since you will be using them frequently.

Left-Click (Button 1)
Activates the selected item in the viewport (for example: choosing a spell, pulling a lever, or clicking on an action mark if there is one nearby).
Right-Click (Button 2)
Hold and Drag to turn the character to face a direction
Both Button 1 and Button 2 simultaneously
Walk the character forward
Button 3 (the "back" button on the mouse)
While holding this button, click and drag with the mouse, to move the camera view without rotating the character
Button 4
Snaps the camera back to the view of your character
Zoom view in and out from character
Move character forward
Move character backward
Move character left
Move character right
Rotate character left
Rotate character right

Fly Mode

HeroBladeTransformCamera.png This mode, also referred to as Camera mode, moves the camera independent of the character's current location.

It is activated by either:

As with character mode, it is strongly recommended to practice with all of the below keys, since you will be using them frequently.

Move the View directly up
Move the View directly down
Move View forward
Move View backward
Move View left (strafe)
Move View right (strafe)
Rotate View left
Rotate View right

The speed of the camera can be adjusted faster or slower, with the following keys. Note how the camera speed display changes when you tap or press and hold one of the keys.

After you have adjusted the speed faster, try using the above keys to move the view around, to see how the speed has changed. Adjust the speed until you find something that you are comfortable with.

Decrease camera movement speed
Increase camera movement speed
Set camera movement speed to minimum rate
Set camera movement speed to maximum rate

Changing the camera speed will briefly highlight the speed slider at the bottom of the HeroBlade window. This slider can also be used to control the speed.

Camera collision

When in camera mode, the viewpoint will not pass through objects, but will instead be stopped by them.

Mouse buttons

The mouse buttons in Camera mode work as follows:

Left-Click (Button 1)
Hold and Drag to move the view in the viewport
Right-Click (Button 2)
Same as left-click
Both Button 1 and Button 2 simultaneously
Hold and drag to move the view in the viewport in a different way. Moving the mouse left and right "strafes" left and right, and moving the mouse forward and back zooms in and out. The sensitivity of this movement is controlled by the speed keys above (X, C, Z, V).
Button 3
If an instance of an asset is selected, HeroBladeTransformSelect.png pressing Button 3 on the mouse will focus on that selection. If no asset is selected, the closest asset will be selected and focused. This is the same as pressing CTRL-G.
Button 4
Currently has no function
Scroll through the various manipulation controls in the Transform Toolbar. For use with Area Creation


Overhead Mode

While in Fly Mode, you can also toggle in and out of an "Overhead Mode", by tapping CTRL-O.

Walk around

Going back into character mode will move your character to the current location of the camera viewpoint, and "drop" your character to the nearest floor surface. However, if your viewpoint is too high up in the sky, your character will simply float there.

Now spend some time walking and flying around the game world to get familiar with the keyboard movement.

While exploring, if you get stuck or into an odd place where you can't see anything, check the troubleshooting steps below: If you get stuck.

If you get stuck

While in development, or learning how to move around in a game world, it is possible that some areas might cause your character to get "stuck" in a corner or next to a wall somewhere. If you get stuck, try to use one of the following methods to get unstuck.

Running HeroBlade for the second time

Please note: You must launch the HeroBlade via the shortcuts provided.

Each time you start the HeroBlade application, it will automatically do a version check for any necessary updates, and then start itself up. As before, you'll see a lot of "loading" messages. Simply wait until it brings up the game or character manager, and then you can proceed.

Where to next?

Additional resources

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