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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).

The term Server is used for many different things. It may refer to a physical hardware "box" or server; or it may refer to a software process which is named server, but could potentially be running on many different pieces of hardware.

Within the context of HeroEngine, Server may usually refer to:

Static processes called servers

Dynamic processes called servers

Hardware servers

In its basic form, "server" refers to a specific hardware box. Related pages on the HeroEngine wiki may be:

Suggestions for specific hardware to obtain, for the HeroEngine servers
Specific installation instructions for Windows and Linux operating systems
Hardware recommendations and setup instructions for the file server which allows artists to export their work

Other uses

The software on each server, which allows it to be recognized by HeroEngine
A list of the standard processes which make up HeroEngine
Installed on the hardware of Full and Source licensees, the Launch Server and related Launcher client allow the installation of other HeroEngine-supplied files during the Setup process
The HeroEngine-supplied file to full and source licensees, which allows server processes to be installed and upgraded

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