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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).

This page details the configuration of server ports so that the server applications can communicate with each other


The only HeroEngine service running on the Linux service boxes that need to be reachable from the outside is the Launchserver. Assuming you are using the included deploy infrastructure, it operates on port 5535 by default. You can confirm this by looking at the launchserver.cfg file on the launch server boxes. The launch server box must respond to the domain name <launchservername>.<yourcompany>.com, as determined in the launcher config file, as installed by the launcher installer application for Windows.

The "outward facing" linux box:

LaunchServer:  TCP port 5535 (double-check with config file, confirm with "netstat -anp| grep LISTEN")

The "outward facing" world boxes (running on Windows) must have these ports open, as controlled by the configuration settings for the processes:

Dynamically Started HE Servers:  TCP ports 10001-10200
Service Directory:   TCP port 10373

The "outward facing" world boxes running these *internal* processes should be accessible only through a firewall or VPN-like device, as controlled by the configuration settings for the processes:

Repository Dude Server:  TCP ports 10358
HE Status Monitor:  TCP port 61112
Master Control: TCP port 46894

Between the World Servers and the database server you need port 1521 (unless Oracle is configured to listen on multiple or other ports) inbound open, as well as the launch server on <dbservername>.<yourcompany>.com.

Between the World Servers and the World Servers on the "inward facing" or "not necessarily outward facing" boxes, you need all ports wide open to handle the Post Office Matrix mesh of connections.

We assume the existence of a working DNS and Mail infrastructure.

If the world's server processes crash and the Bug Catcher activates, it will contact on ports 80 & 443 (for the moment) to submit the bug crash report to our servers. This should be changed before going full production.



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