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A Server Group is an organizational term designating a collection of various hardware servers (sometimes called a "server farm"). Configuration is up to you: All hardware servers might be designated as being part of a single group, or multiple Server Groups could exist at the same physical location (universe).

Each World is comprised of one or more Server Groups. For a small world, generally only one Group is required, which Group has one machine.

Note that not all of the hardware servers which are used to maintain a World, necessarily need to be within a Server Group. Static processes can be defined to run either on machines within the Group, or outside. But any dynamic processes for the world, will run on a machine within the Server Group.

Instanced daemons

Each Server Group has a set of four instanced daemons:

These daemons provide the definitions for any dynamic processes which are spun up within the Group.


Note: Only customers with full or source licenses can modify values via the Master Control Console.

To designate which hardware server is within a specific Server Group, modify the Fireup Daemon of that hardware server, via the Edit Config option in the Master Control Console.

To change the name of a Server Group, modify this in the Server Groups category of the Master Control Console.

At this time (May 2008) there is no way to list the names of all servers within a Group, so it is recommended to name Fireup Daemons in a way that make them easily recognizable as being part of a Group, or simply use only one Fireup Daemon per Server Group.

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