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Search Server is a static process which performs script text search. The "Find in All Scripts" feature of the HeroScript Editor is done using this process.


Note: Only customers with full or source licenses can modify values via the Master Control Console.

Parm Name Parm Type Description Default value
NonBandwidthTrackedChannels string list of non bandwidth tracked channels separated by ; (see source code)
EditingClientChannelMap string list of names for client channel map (see source code)
PrimaryDestinationString string the main destination for the channel currentarea
PlayerClientChannelMap string the map name for the player client channel (see source code)
SearchResultTransitChars integer maximum number of characters allowed to be sent back in search results 5000
RepositoryName string Name of repository in which to load and save data HE
GuiXmlPath string search repository location for the GUI XML files /GUIXML/
SearchMillisPerPump integer how many milliseconds to spend on each search pump 20
ServerScriptFiles string local files system search directory for server script files C:/HEROENGINE/SCRIPT/SERVER/
GuiXmlList string FQNs to the files which list all GUIXML files in the repository /GUIXML/GUIXML.LST: /GUIXML/_HEGUIXML.LST
ClientScriptFiles string local file system search directory for client script files C:/HEROENGINE/SCRIPT/CLIENT/
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