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The Scene Analysis panel can be used for many purposes, including comparing the qualities of concept art, with the actual art within an area

The Scene Analysis Panel provides information about what is currently being displayed at that particular moment in the HeroBlade viewport, to give the state of the Rendering Engine.

For example, the Scene Analysis Panel can display the textures that are currently loaded, as well as the materials using those textures. It can also do things such as including an image of concept art on the screen, to compare how it looks in actual implementation.



Sections on the panel include:


This subpanel shows the materials that are currently loaded into the entire area. Some materials will be associated with a specific texture, which you will be able to see because of the blue texture file link. Clicking on this link will pop you down to the appropriate texture in the "Textures" subpanel.

Most materials will have at least a "diffuse" texture, and may optionally also have a normal map (bump map) texture, Macro map texture, or a Detail texture. Materials used on characters may also have many other texture types such as "SkinDiffuse1", "TintMask1", etc.

Materials that have no textures listed may serve other purposes, such as being used by the Material System for other non-texture things, or for internal use to provide some effect that does not specifically involve textures, such as collide-only surfaces.



This subpanel shows the textures that are currently loaded into the area by the Texture Manager system.

To find a specific texture, you can type part of the texture name into the search filter at the bottom of the subpanel.

Some textures will be associated with a particular material, which you will be able to see because of the blue material link under the texture filename. Clicking on this link should pop you up to the related material in the Materials subpanel.



The upper part of this subpanel provides a way to track which textures are currently being used in rendering.

The lower part of this subpanel displays a list of all of the textures loaded into the area, by size.

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