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This tutorial will walk you through:


Please note that all Room functionality has been been moved to the Room Tab and the Room Visibility Tab of the Area Panel
How your heightmaps may look at this point (the colors don't matter)

Next, we will create four rooms, and then assign each heightmap to a different room.

If everything was done right, then each heightmap should have been assigned to a different room. To doublecheck this:

If the above steps got tangled up in any way, here is how to fix things:

Room Viewing Modes

With the Rooms Toolbar, there are various ways of viewing rooms:

With the All button selected, all rooms will be visible
With the All button toggled off, this shows only one room at a time, depending on what is chosen in the dropdown menu of the Rooms Toolbar
Clicking on Auto, will cause HeroEngine to choose the active room, depending on the location of the current camera viewpoint. If there are multiple overlapping rooms, then HeroEngine will choose whichever room you are directly above, as in a raycast.

Auto Mode

A more intuitive way to handle things, is to make certain rooms visible from other rooms. For system performance issues, it's not a good idea to make all rooms visible from all rooms, but it is still possible to configure visibility for each room to decide:

Sometimes the above will be one-to-one relationships, or "backconnected" rooms. Sometimes not, depending on your area design.

Using the Room Tool to modify visibility

As a summary of what the colors mean:

Currently selected room
Back-connected visible room
The room is visible to your current room, but not back-connected.
The room is not visible to your current room, but is visible to that room.
Dim red 
The rooms are not visible to each other.

Clicking on each room in turn now, should look like the following:

Room A can see Room B, and can be seen from Room C, but cannot see Room C

Room B can see Rooms A and C, and can be seen from them as well

Room C can see Rooms A, B, and D, but can be seen only from B & D, and not from A

Room D can see only Room C

Using the Area panel

Using the Rooms Toolbar Visibility Menu

One way to adjust visibility, is to click on "Visible" in the Rooms Toolbar, to select and unselect which rooms should be visible from the current room.

Using the "Dim Other" option

This option lets you quickly see which other rooms are visible from the current room, in a view-only fashion (you can't make changes). It also does not show room bounding boxes, or any other rooms, focusing strictly on the current room and what it can see.

Note: If still in Yellow-box visibility mode, toggle it off by clicking on the box, so you're in "normal" viewing.


For further experimentation, you may wish to try placing assets in each of the four rooms (like to place a RoomA asset in RoomB) and then using the "Dim Other" option to see how it looks. Note also with the yellow Room Visibility box, that the room bounding boxes will appear larger to incorporate any assets that are in the room, even if they're not sitting directly on the heightmap.

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