Ribbon Water

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Ribbon Water is a water shape that uses a B-spline editing system for creating flowing rivers.


The shape of a river is defined by a series of control points along its length. Points can be moved, added, inserted, and deleted with the Select and translate tool, TranslateTool.png while the width of the river at any given control point and its overall depth can be manipulated with the width/depth/height tool. Bounds.png

Creating Ribbon Water

To create ribbon water, create a mirror node via the Create menu. In the Properties panel, set its Shape to RIBBON.

Editing control points

Use the Select and translate tool. TranslateTool.png There are several areas on and near the mirror node where the tool can interact with it:


The two blue circles are control points, while the orange circles represent places where new control points can be added.

To move a control point, simply drag it with the Select and translate tool. TranslateTool.png Note that it's possible to move control points up and down; the surface of the river need not be flat.

Hold SHIFT while dragging a control point to move the entire river.

To add a new control point, drag one of the orange circles. Circles outside the area of the river will add new points to the ends, while circles between existing control points will insert a new control point between them.


To delete any control point, hover over it with the Select and translate tool TranslateTool.png and press the DELETE key. There is a minimum of two control points; pressing DELETE when there are only two will delete the entire node.

Note: Be careful with the DELETE key, as using it with any other tool than the Select and translate tool will delete the entire node!

Editing river width and depth

To edit the width of the river, use the Width/Depth/Height tool. Bounds.png Again there are several areas on the river where the tool will interact with it:


The green arrows at each control point are handles that can be dragged to change the overall depth of the river.

The blue arrows at the edges of the river at each control point can be dragged to change the width at that control point.


Hold SHIFT while dragging a blue arrow to change the width of the entire river.


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