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The Repository Server Director is a static process which is initiated by the Master Control when a World is started. The Director process then starts dynamic Repository Server processes as needed by the current load on the system. The new dynamic processes are run on one of the machines within the Server Group, depending on load.

Configuration Parameters

Parm Name Parm Type Description Default value
MaximumNetworkSendBytes integer Maximum chunk of the communication stream given to the non-ASIO network layer in one send call 65536
FireupReconnectDelay integer Base sleep time in milliseconds to pause in between attempts to connect to the fireup daemon 1000
FireupReconnectAttemptMax integer Number of times to attempt connection to fireup daemon; after this many failed attempts, process will exit 10
LogRateInterval integer Length of time in milliseconds to accumulate counts of log messages sent 5000
LogLimitPerInterval integer Maximum number of log messages to send to fireup during any given log rate interval 250
defaultWriteTimeoutMillis integer Non-ASIO communication layer forces a disconnect if it is unable to send data after this many milliseconds 5000
defaultInactivityLimitMillis integer Non-ASIO communication layer forces a disconnect if there has been no activity after this many milliseconds 300000
defaultHeartBeatMillis integer Non-ASIO communication layer sends a heartbeat message after this many milliseconds 60000
deleteConfigFile integer Configuration file for the process is deleted after process run completes unless this is set to 0 1
SleepOnStart integer Time in milliseconds to sleep the process after reading in configurations, to allow for debuggers to attach 0
minimumCycleTime integer Time in milliseconds to schedule each application pump cycle 7
ApplicationDisplayName string Used as a display name for the process in Post Office Router and Stat Station ""
OutwardFacingIPAddress string IP address used to bind client facing listeners
ReportedOutwardFacingIPAddress string IP address that client facing listeners report to the Service Directory
InwardFacingIPAddress string IP address used to bind internal connection listeners
loggingDisabled integer Setting this to a non-zero number will disable logging to Master Control 0
StatsTimerMinimumMillis integer Minimum elapsed time measurable by stats collection 1
StatsUpdateIntervalSeconds integer Frequency in seconds of stats updates to the stat server 10
StatsUpdateMailboxName string Well known mailbox name of the stat server StatStation
StatsUppercaseAccountNames integer A non-zero value means all accounts are reported in upper case to the stat server 1
sendingBandwidth integer the rate at which data will be sent in bytes per millisecond 0
receivingBandwidth integer the rate at which data should be sent in bytes per millisecond 0
sendingDelay integer simulated sending side delay in milliseconds per packet 0
receptionDelay integer simulated receiving side delay in milliseconds per packet 0

DirectedProcessDaemonID int daemon id of the process to start 1099 note: Should be different for each
DirectedProcessDaemonName string type of daemon to run HJ_DUDE_SERVER or REPOSITORY_SERVER_DAEMON
DirectedProcessMinimumCount string how many to always have running 2
DirectorEnabled int flag to tell the dynamically spun up processes to be directed 1
DirectorMailboxName string unique well known mailbox per world DIRECTOR_REPOSITORY_STATUS
ServiceDirectoryMatrixTransports string which service directories to talk to <pipe separated Service Directory PO Matrix Tranport strings>
DirectedProcessNumber int passed to the dynamically started daemons to number them configuration value not set
DirectedProcessStartTimeout int time in milliseconds to wait for the newly started daemon to open a connection back to the director 30000
DirectedProcessPortRange string range of tcp/ip ports to bind to for outward facing ports on the directed processes 10001-19999
DirectedProcessHeartbeatRate int time between heartbeats to the directed daemons 30000
ServiceDirectoryPublishRate int time between publishes of directed daemon connection information to the service directories 30000
ServiceDirectoryPublishName string something something
PublicWorldName string world identifier used to tell the Service Directory which world the daemons are running for usually set at the Universe level
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