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Sample Heroblade UI.png
The Viewport (sometimes called the Render window) is the main window in HeroBlade. It is the main view where you can walk your character around in Game Mode, or fly the camera around in Fly Mode.

Viewport size

Setting viewport size from the status bar

At the bottom of the viewport in the Status Bar, is a dropdown menu which allows you to choose a screen size, with some default values from 640x480 to 1280x1024, as well as the option to choose a custom size. This can also be done via the Tools Menu, or simply resizing the window manually with the mouse pointer.

HotSpot Menu

In the HeroBlade client (not here in the wiki!) Ctrl-Shift-Click in the upper lefthand corner of the viewport to open the HotSpot Menu

Most HeroBlade panels are accessible via the Panels menu; however there is a special HotSpot Menu which is accessible by holding down SHIFT-CTRL, and clicking in the far upperleft corner of the viewport or by pressing F5 with the viewport in focus.

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