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He source.png Documentation on this page is intended for use by customers who have access to HeroEngine source code under their license agreement.


Rebuild_Stuff is a utility script located in the root of every branch of HeroEngine. It contains the release build steps for each of the following projects:

The sample script "simu_release.cmd" in the same root of every branch shows the necessary products to build, in order to build a release: heroblade, the servers, the repository browser, and so on.

Building for the First Time

If you are building your branch for the first time, a good place to start is using rebuild stuff to rebuild HeroEngine's "core" solutions.

rebuild_stuff dp hj hb pc rb pub wp mcc /nop4

Once you can build all of those products (which will require the additional configuration steps mentioned in Step 8.5 under Install Software on Workstation Setup for HeroEngine, which refers to Invoke proc compiler.cmd), then you will be ready to make your own changes and have an assurance that you aren't breaking the build for other products.


Option Effect
/sync Synchronizes the branch depot before building (default option)
/nosync Prevents synchronization of the branch depot before building.
/noclean When building the products, do not CLEAN the binary files before building. Occasionally this will speed up the build, but use it only when appropriate.
/nop4 When building products disables interactions with Perforce; automatic sync to head, checkout of dlls built by other build options, etc
Abbreviation Build Product
all Builds all components

All of the options below can be modified to omit construction during the all option, by prefacing it with the minus sign.

Abbreviation Build Product
dp Builds Deploy Client
hj Builds the Servers (for both FireStorm and HJServers deploy configurations) (release configuration)
hb Builds HeroBlade
pc Builds the Player Client
mcc Builds master control console
rb Builds Repository Browser
pub Builds Publish Builder/Apply tool
wp Builds World Push tool
lwt Builds Light Weight Test tool
smc Builds Status Monitor Console
vx Builds Vivox tool sets
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