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RGB is an acronym standing for Red Green Blue. Any color (including white and black) on a computer monitor is actually created by a combination of these three colors. In fact, if you get up really really close to a computer monitor (and squint), you can see that the dots on the monitor are all either red, green, or blue.

For example, to make the color Blue, RGB values would be set to 0,0,1, meaning no red, no green, and maximum blue.

Commonly-Used Colors Red Green Blue
White 1 1 1
Black 0 0 0
Red 1 0 0
Green 0 1 0
Blue 0 0 1


It is worth noting that RGB is measured differently by different applications. For example, in some cases RGB is set in a range from 0 to 255. In others, RGB is set with hexadecimal values.

In HeroEngine, we use a floating point value from 0.0 to 1.0. In some situations, an Alpha value may also be added, which specifies the opacity of the color. A zero-value would mean transparent, and 1.0 would be completely opaque.

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