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He intermediate.png NOTE: This functionality has been deprecated for HeroCloud users. We apologize for the confusion with the Physics Joints UI still being in place in the HeroCloud editor. The amount of overhead and server customization to make use of client to server PhysX systems like this and cloth simulation is too high and too complicated to be used without access to Source Code.

Multiple dynamic objects can be connected together with a chain of joint nodes

Physics joints are created via the Physics toolbar. PhysicsJointNodeIcon.png They connect two (and only two) DYNAMIC physics-enabled nodes (see PhysicsType).

Physics joints work in a somewhat similar fashion to using the Parenting toolbar, but with some important differences. In general, DYNAMIC nodes should never be parented via the Parenting toolbar, as this can cause some unpredictable results. Better is to link them with a Physics joint node.


There are many effects that can be created with connected physics nodes, so go ahead and experiment! For example, try connecting multiple dynamic nodes together, where one is in the center and acts as a hub to several other nodes, and then observe how it interacts with the terrain when you lift, rotate, and drop it.


More information

For more information on how physics joint nodes work, and their various properties, see the Novadex PhysX SDK documentation at:

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