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Physics INI files are optional files which reside in the Repository, and define override physics-related information for a particular asset. This override modifies the collision representation for all of the asset's instances in a world, if those instances are still using the DEFAULT_SHAPE as their PhysicsShape property.

The INI file, if created, resides in the same folder as the asset, and can be modified with any text editor, though if modification is necessary, it is almost certainly easier to modify the data via the HeroBlade Physics Panel's Shape Editor.

If an asset has no associated INI file, its original collision representation will depend on whether it is a STATIC or DYNAMIC object (in its PhysicsType property):

To see how this works:

To create a different collision representation for a DYNAMIC object, use the Physics Shape Editor in the Physics Panel. There, different representations (mesh, sphere, box, convexhull, or custom) can be tested. If a new representation is then published, via the Build and Publish button, that is when an INI file will be created, if it does not already exist.

Collision representation can also be set on a per-instance basis, via the Properties panel for each instance, by modifying the PhysicsShape field.

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