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He source.png Documentation on this page is intended for use by customers who have access to HeroEngine source code under their license agreement.

Perforce Access to HeroEngine is available for both Full Licensees or Source Code Licensees.



Source Control for HeroEngine development by the HeroEngine team is done using third-party source control software called Perforce ( Full licensees have access to a subset of the HeroEngine Source code related to the Player Client primarily allowing them to rebrand the player client for their game. Source code licensees have access to a full branch in HeroEngine's Perforce depot. There is no requirement that you use Perforce beyond the necessity of installing the Perforce Client software to sync your companies branch in our Perforce depot to get the latest release.

You are free to choose whatever source control software fits your requirements.

If no one in your organization is familiar with Perforce usage we recommend getting a copy of "Practical Perforce" by Laura Wingerd (



Accessing the Perforce depot

The perforce administrator on the HeroEngine team will send to the designated person at a licensee's organization the Perforce credentials (username and password, branch location) needed to access the licensed portions of the HeroEngine source code.

The following are the current settings for accessing products:
P4USER=<User Name Issued To Your Company>
Password=<Issued To Your Company>

We request that you name your client view in the following manner.

P4CLIENT=<P4USER NAME>-HEROENGINE-<COMPUTERNAME> (substituting the user name and computer name of the machine accessing our perforce depot).

The client view specification should contain these two lines:

//depot/HeroEngineDBMigration/... //<P4USER NAME>-HEROENGINE-<COMPUTERNAME>/depot/HeroEngineDBMigration/...

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