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Pathfinding Nodes are special volumetric assets used by the Pathing System, that mark volumes of the navmesh that may be toggled (in)active at runtime. The nodes are displayed on the client, but the actual creation of paths is done on the physics server serving a particular area instance.

Pathfinding Node Fields

Field Name Datatype Description
name string (not currently used)
Active boolean When TRUE (default), it is included in the Path Planning system.
Width float In World units
Height float In World units
Depth float In World units
pathfindingtype enum pathfindingtypeenum As of this writing, the only possible values are GROUND, CHAIR, LEDGE_SIT, CLIMB
PortalToHeightMap boolean When TRUE, allows connections between Pathfinding nodes and Heightmap nodes
PathingCost string The first number is a default value cost (weight) for going through this node. This is followed by a semi-colon (;)-separated list of name=<value>, where "value" is a weight, and "name" is a label assigned to using this kind of weight. Example: 100;nose=5;fish=10000
CompressedPathNodeData string (server-side, for internal use only) Representation of all of the Walking points in the node.

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