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Particle Surface Emitter - Burning an Oil Barrel

In this tutorial we are going to create an oil barrel on fire. It is expected that you have knowledge of static assets before starting this tutorial.

Step 1 - Create or Select a Texture

4 quadrant fire texture

Make the texture. By making it a 512 x 512 texture and dividing it up into 4 quadrants we can get some variance out of it. We will do this by emitting a different quadrant every time a particle is born. Once you have created your texture upload the texture using the repository browser. There is a default location for particles in the clean engine folder. However you may place particle textures where ever you like.

Step 2 - Create a Static Asset

Create a static asset to use or preferably use oil_barrel_black.gr2 located here \Engine\CleanGame\Resources\tutorials\oil_barrel_black.gr2.

Step 3 - Create a Particle Spec

HE explosionMESH create.png

Create a new local particle spec by going to the main menu Create\particle\NewParticleSpec\local

Step 4 - Add an Instance to the Area

HE explosionMESH grannyDialog.png

Make an instance of the particle in the area via the create menu or the asset panel. You will not see anything yet because we still need to assign a mesh to the emitter. On the emitter property sheet of the new particle, under the emission section and the property MeshFileName, choose the option box. This will bring up a dialog to navigate to the mesh file,\Engine\CleanGame\Resources\tutorials\oil_barrel_black.gr2.

Step 5 - Tweak Properties

HE explosionMESH sizetimeline.png

Adjust emitter and particle properties

On the emitter property sheet

fig 1

on the particle property sheet

Step 6 - Add Static Asset

Now add the oil barrel asset and parent the emitter to it. From the create menu or asset menu load up the Oil_Barrel_black.gr2 located here. /Engine/CleanGame/Resources/tutorials/oil_barrel_black.gr2 Note that this is the same asset that we are using as the emitter.

Now parent the emitter to the oil Barrel and rest the transforms to 0,0,0 so that the emitter sits on top of the oil barrel. Now we have a burning oil barrel.

Final Gallery

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