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He intermediate.png

This tutorial is a variation on the "Hot Balls of Fire Tutorial." It is very important that you are creating this particle spec in the same area as the others for this particular procedure. The idea is to use a similar particle to use as a base to copy from so we do not have to build the whole thing from scratch.

Step 1 - Create a Particle Spec via Copy

HE explosionSmoke copy.png

From the create menu, go Create/Particle/copyParticleChain/. This should be a list of particles in your area, pick the initial particle we made for part 2, explosionStreak_tutorial.prt. This will bring up a dialog that will allow you to rename the particle. Rename it explosionSmoke_tutorial. The dialog should autorename the particle explosionSmoke_tutorial_p. All properties and specs have been copied over from explosionStreak_tutorial. Now any edits we make will be unique to this new particle spec and not destroy our streak particle.

Step 2 - Create Instances

Create 2 instances of this new particle.

If you would like to make a second path to parent an instance of this particle to while you adjust it, do that now. Otherwise you'll just have to drag it around with the transform tool to see how the particle children are behaving.

Step 3 - Tweak Properties

Make adjustments so that it comes accross like smoke, not a fire trail. To do this, we will.

Final Gallery

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