Particle Map Emitter

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He intermediate.png

Particle Map emitter

In this tutorial we are going to create a particle effect that emits particles from a texture map(billoard).

Step 1 - Making or Select a Texture

HeroEngine logo texture

Make the texture. By making it a 512 x 512 texture and dividing it up into 4 quadrants we can get some variance out of it. We will do this by emitting a different quadrant every time a particle is born. Once you have created your texture upload the texture using the repository browser. There is a default location for particles in the clean engine folder. However you may place particle textures where ever you like.

HE explosionMap Create.png

Step 2 - Create and add a Particle Spec

Create a new local particle spec from the create menu. Change the emitter tip to Emitter Mesh and leave the particle type as Billboard Point. Use This texture as your texture to load, Engine\CleanGame\GlobalParticles\Textures\ Then create an instance of the particle in your area, either through the create menu or through the asset panel. When you do this your particle will not be emitting anything. This is because we need to add a texture for it to emit from. On the emitter property sheet(logo_mapemitter_tutorial.prt) under the texture field, browse to Engine\CleanGame\GlobalParticles\Textures\ once again. We'll use the same texture to emit from as we do for emission.

Step 3 - Tweak

You should now have a particle instance that is emitted particles from a texture, the only thing left to do is to tweak your particle properties. Aside from emitting from a texture, the particles properties are the same. For the rest of this tutorial, experiment with the particle properties learned in the past few tutorials to make an interesting effect.

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