Particle Explosion Part 3 - Adding Debris

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Particle Explosion Part 3 - debris

In this tutorial we are going to create some debris that will be emitted to accent the explosion. This tutorial assumes you have completed parts 1 and 2 of the explosion particle tutorials as well as gone through the static asset export pipeline.

Step 1 - Export a Static Asset

HE explosionDebris create.png

For this particle we want to use a static asset. You may take this time to export a static asset of your choosing or simply use the asset located here in clean engine when it's time. \Engine\CleanGame\GlobalParticles\meshes\oil_barrel_debris

Step 2 - Create Particle Spec and Add it to the Area

Create the particle chain by going through the create menu Create/Particle/NewParticleSpec/Local. Name this one "debris_mesh_tutorial." Set the particle type to MESH and choose the mesh that you intend to use, preferably the one listed above,oil_barrel_debris.

Create an instance of the particle either through the create menu or through the assets panel. The initial behavior(seen below in fig 1) is the same as a billboard Point particle, except that these are meshes.

Step 3 - Tweak Properties

We want the same motion that we had in part of the Particle Explosion, a nice arc for each piece of debris while emitting a few in a single shot. To do this, we will adjust the following parameters.

On the emitter property sheet.

Every 10 seconds you should see a clump of your model emitting downward now.

HE explosionDebris color.png

On the particle property sheet

Step 4 - Final Gallery

The following image in fig 2 should be what you end up with.

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