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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).

The following are Minimum Hardware recommendations for HeroEngine Servers and VPN

While you can purchase more powerful hardware, the following hardware is the minimum configuration required for running HeroEngine and Oracle.

Server 1: Oracle server

For Oracle, a single or dual socket Xeon server: Additionally, the number of CPU's also determines the price for the Oracle software license. (1 CPU = 1*price, 2 CPU = 2*price, required annual support is similarly modified.) If a later upgrade occurs, the Oracle license must be upgraded as well.

Why do I need this much storage?

To start off you really don't, everything you need easily fits on a USB key. However, during development your database will expand in size and may end up servicing the needs of multiple development/test/qa worlds each of which will take up space. Additionally, it is convenient to have near-line storage for some period of time for your backups in case of issues and these can be significant in their size.

We recommend you be generous in storage you provide to your development database to ensure it continues to serve your needs up through deployment to production.

Server 2: HeroEngine World server

For the World server, a single or dual socket Xeon server:


For the Virtual Private Network, we have standardized on OpenVPN ( It has been incredibly stable, reliable and secure.

When we host the servers for you, we can go one of two routes:

  1. Each person doing development runs OpenVPN on their local computer.
  2. Setting up an OpenVPN gateway at your office, and all VPN traffic runs through that gateway.

To decide which of the two would work best, we would need to know more about your needs, location(s) development will be occurring, and infrastructure before making a recommendation.

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