Master Control Setup

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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).

Note: Document Under Revision

Installation of Daemons and HJServers

  1. Install the FireStorm Daemons
  2. Install the HJServers
  3. Copy the msvcr71.dll to \\localserver\c$\windows\system32
  4. Copy from Launcher.exe (Special Version of the Launcher that has the --updateOnlyflag) and Loopfireup.bat to \\localcomputer\c$\programfiles\firestorm daemons\. Copy the loopfireup.bat to the desktop and the start menu.

loopfireup.bat Example:

Launcher.exe FireStormDaemonsProd.sal (This is also a company specific file)
Launcher.exe C:\Program Files\HJ Servers Prod\HJServersProd.sal (This is the location of where you installed the HJServers. And the file name is the actual file name for the launcher)
_FireupDaemon.exe "--application-uname=-9" (Application-uname is set to the ID of that machine's fireup daemon in Master Control.) goto top

Quick Notes for Adding a Server to Master Control

  1. Logon to Master Control.
  2. Click on Edit Config.
  3. Select fireup daemons and choose add.


Select Save – it might throw two errors this is ok.

Next in the command /chat line type /shutdown and hit enter. This will kill master control. If you log back in you will see the server that you just created in the server list.

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