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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s). Master Control is a system which is used to control and coordinate the HeroEngine Servers and Universes. Each Universe has one Master Control Process (Daemon), which controls the hardware and processes necessary to each of the worlds within that universe.

The Master Control consists of:

The way that they work together, is that the Master Control daemon fetches information from the Master Control Database, and sends it to the Master Control Console, along with the current status of those servers and processes.

Access to Master Control

Customers who self-manage their HeroEngine servers have access to Master Control.  Otherwise, Master Control is handled by the HeroEngine Operations team.


Note: Only customers with full or source licenses can modify values via the Master Control Console.

Because Master Control does not run from the Fireup Daemon, it must get its configurations from a configuration file, usually called 1.cfg.

Parm Name Parm Type Description Default value
terminateDelayMS integer how many milliseconds should pass after shutting down a process before assuming the process is non-responsive and issuing the terminate command 30000
servicePassword string password for the FS_SERVICE database connection incorrectpassword
serviceUsername string schema and database for the FS_SERVICE database connection FS_SERVICE@FSPROD2
accesscontrolPassword string password for connection to access control database FIRESTORM
accesscontrolUsername string schema and database used for connection to access control database FIRESTORM
uaccessValidResponses string allowed responses from the subscription check; subscription types, see Authenticator INTERNAL,PAYING,PREMIUM
uaccessTransport string transport protocol information used to established the uswer authentication connection, see Authenticator
uaccessProtocol string protocol information used to establish the user authentication connection, see Authenticator line:UNIX
uaccessProductID string product ID, or subscription, for the world, see Authenticator
masterControlTransport string transport information used to establish master control listening port, or 'ERROR' if no such host should be established ERROR

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