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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).
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HeroEngine is a series of different applications, such as HeroBlade, the Repository Browser, the Master Control Console, and others.

Most of these files should already be made available to you as a single package, and/or via a download page on your own server. However, if you need updated versions for some reason, please check the downloads page:

This page contains both general downloads for all licensees, and some sections for files that are licensee-specific and may not be viewable to other licensees. Some of the files will trigger a Launcher which will handle their installation.


General downloads

World-specific downloads

Each world (such as HEDev, HJDev, etc.) will have specific downloads that work only with that world.

At a minimum, these include a version of:

This is the workhorse of development, the client that is used for game-building
The Repository Browser is the tool that your artists use to move completed work into the Repository
This is the installation package used during setup, to install the necessary server processes to run a world.
This is another installation package used during setup to install the necessary FireStorm daemons for each world.

Other world-specific downloads

Availability for these will depend on your needs and/or license:

The Status Monitor is a utility available for some worlds, which sits in the Windows taskbar and displays status messages
The Player Client is a version of the HeroBlade client for players, which only allows view of the game, and not the related development tools.
World Push is an application which allows for game data and content to be moved between servers.
For licensees with full source code licenses, Master Control is the application used for managing worlds, servers, and processes.

Other downloads


If you have access to Perforce (as some types of license do), some files will also be available via that interface. This might or might not include:

Deploy server

(optional) It may also be possible for you to set up a Deploy Server and a Deploy Client, and then the HeroEngine team can just deploy various applications to you as needed.

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