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LerpPath is part of a new performance optimization system made up of three properties (under the Performance section of a character's properties):

When true, the character will no longer animate. If there are values in LerpPath, it will use them to linearly interpolate the position of character along the specified path.
If not 0, then this specifies a distance at which the AnimationSuspended property will automatically be set true (false if less than that distance).
A text string that specifies a path the character will move through, via linear interpolation, if AnimationSuspend is true. It has the following format:
{vector}:[+]{milliseconds} ...

For example:

(3,3,3):+1000 (4,1,2):+8000

This would mean linear interpolate the position to (3,3,3) in 1 second, then (4,1,2) 8 seconds thereafter. You can specify as many of these as you like seperated by a space. If you don't use the +, then the time is specified in absolute area synchronized clock time, like so:

(1,1,1):3433063012792 (2,2,3):3433063022792

If you read back the property (reselect the object or anytime from HSL) you will get only the path points remaining.

The purpose of this is to allow you to put characters into a low CPU mode when they far enough away that it won't be visually distracting for them to not actually animate, but you still want to see them and see them moving. Not only do they not animate, they don't do callbacks to their ACCC for pre and post animate either.

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