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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).


The launch server is a server process that runs on linux that works in conjunction with the Launcher client application to verify the executable launched is the most current version. If the launcher application determines the launch server has a new version it downloads and installs the application from the launch server.

When do you need a Launch Server?

When do you not need a Launch Server?


The initial installation of the Launch Server will generally be handled by the HeroEngine team. A local webpage will also be established with your world-specific downloads, and a Launcher client which will assist with the rest of the installation process.

Create Groups and Users

The launcher server requires the heroengine group/user exists.

groupadd heroengine useradd -g heroengine -d /opt/heroengine -m -s /bin/bash heroengine passwd heroengine

Files needed for the Launch Server

launchserver - Launch Server Executable

launchserver.cfg - Launch Server Config file, used to specify the port to listen on

startlaunchserver - Script to start Launch Server and cronolog

clients.cfg - Config file that specifies products' version numbers and installation files

Start - Calls the starthelaunchserver script

cronolog - Logging utility. Logs are placed in the logs subdirectory

lnchinst.exe - The installer for your Company-Specific client launcher

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