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A Keyframe defines a particular point along an animation timeline and its value. Animation packages such as 3ds Max and Maya use Keyframes to animate objects and characters. HeroEngine uses keyframes in other contexts as well, such as Environment schemes and Timelines in property parameters. The value of a keyframe depends on the type of data being represented by the timeline; for example, it might be a numeric value or a color.

Timeline keyframes

Timelines are a parameter type applicable to certain properties of assets or instances in HeroBlade. They can also appear in other places, such as some animation abilities. Many properties in particle effects allow for timelines.

A timeline allows for a property to specify how it's value changes over time.

A timeline keyframe is composed of three elements, separated by colons, and surrounded by square brackets.


An example keyframe would be:


This keyframe has time index == 0.5, a color value of "#0,0,0,1", and an interpolation type of "Linear".

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