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Commonly used shortcuts are on this graphic, which you may wish to print out (or even laminate) for reference

HeroBlade Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts


Key Use
Right-Click & Drag Rotate Fly Camera Viewpoint
Click Select Target
SHIFT-click in Selection Mode will select alternate objects if cursor is over multiple overlapping objects.
CTRL-click in Selection Mode Allows to Select/Deselect Multiple Selections
Mouse Wheel Zooms View In / Out


Key Use
W Forward (or North in Overhead View)
S Backward (or South in Overhead View)
A Strafe Left (or West in Overhead View)
D Strafe Right (or East in Overhead View)
R Strafe Up (disable in Overhead View)
F Strafe Down (disable in Overhead View)
Q Rotate Left
E Rotate Right
V Sets Camera Movement Speed to Fastest
C Increases Camera Movement Speed
Z Sets Camera Movement Speed to Slowest
X Decreases Camera Movement Speed



Key Use
~ Toggle to Game (character) Mode
1 Camera Mode: Fly, No Select
Ctrl-~ will also return to Fly mode, see notes above
2 Camera Mode: Select
3 Camera Mode: Select and Translate
4 Camera Mode: Select and Rotate
5 Camera Mode: Select and Scale
6 Camera Mode: Select and Dynamic Placement
7 Camera Mode: Select and Adjust Width/Depth/Height
8 Camera Mode: Terrain Tool
CTRL-O Camera Mode: Overhead View (note that in earlier versions of HeroBlade, this was called Top-Down View, and was accessed by tapping "T")
Z Minimum Camera Speed
X Reduce Camera Speed
C Increase Camera Speed
V Maximize Camera Speed
SHIFT Hold to Cut Camera Speed in Half


Note: Many of these will only work in Fly mode.
Key Use
ESC Deselects All Selected Objects
SPACEBAR Temporarily Locks Selected Object/s in Selected Mode. Further mouse clicks will not select or deselect objects. Esc or hitting the SPACEBAR again will remove the lock. This allows GMs to isolate object/s to work on without fear of accidentally deselecting or selecting other objects.
CTRL While held down, hovering over the move axes will toggle a view of the snap grid
\ While held, objects whose Selectable property is FALSE can be selected.
B Toggle Bright Light
G Toggle All Rooms Rendering
H Randomly generate a different face for your character
M Toggles Rendering Mirrors ON / OFF
N Toggles Snap (to grid) ON / OFF
P Toggles Paths Visible / Invisible
CTRL-G In Fly mode: Moves Fly Camera to the selected objects (or random nearest object) and activates room if auto-select room is on.
In Character mode: Toggles gameplay mode on and off (implementation may be game-specific)
CTRL-L Toggles the library open or closed while in fly camera mode
CTRL-R Activates Room of First Selected Object, without Moving fly Camera
CTRL-D Clones Selected Items
CTRL-Q Repeat Last Add Instance
CTRL-N Toggles No Textures
CTRL-F Toggles FPS Graph
CTRL-S Snaps the current selection to the grid
CTRL-W Toggles Wireframe Mode
CTRL-Space Memorizes current node selections
Shift-Space Reselects nodes memorized by CTRL-Space
DELETE Deletes Selected Items with confirmation dialog
F2 Toggle Collide
F3 Toggle Debug Light
F5 Invoke Utilities Interface
F6 Toggle AutoSelect
F7 Toggle Dim Other Rooms
F9 Move Camera to Currently Selected Room
F12 Toggle Full Screen Mode
F11 Toggle Debug Switch
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy selected node GUID to the clipboard
PageUp Change selection to the parent(s) of the currently-selected nodes. Works the same as the "Select Parent" button on the parenting toolbar
Ctrl+PageUp Change selection to the parent(s) of the currently-selected nodes, and nodes without parents selected
Page Down Select the children of the selected nodes
Ctrl+PageDown Select the children of the selected nodes, and nodes without children
Ctrl+Shift+G Toggle construction grid on and off, at the altitude of the selected node (if any)
Ctrl-T Toggle for tool tips, to get information about art assets in the viewport)

Asset Library Shortcuts

Key Use
Ctrl-L Toggles the library open and closed (if you are in Fly Mode

Script Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Use
F3 Find Next
Shift+F3 Find Previous
F2 Next Bookmark
Shift+F2 Previous Bookmark
Ctrl+F2 Toggle Bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Clear Bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+A Search in all scripts

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