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An Instance refers to a particular instantiation (dynamic copy) of something. The term may refer to:

Assets and nodes

An instance is a particular instantiation of an asset. For example, a particular tree in an area is an instance of that type of tree. A single asset can have many instances. Each instance is a node which has its own unique instance properties, such as position and rotation. To see how many instances exist of a particular asset, open the Assets panel while in that area.

Another type of an instantiated node is used in the Fx System.


See: Area Instance

Where areas are concerned, there are two very important types of instances, Play and Edit. Both use the same data, but in a "Play" instance of an area, changes are not saved. In an "Edit" instance, changes are saved to the database.

Daemons and processes

Instanced daemons provide the definitions for instanced dynamic processes which run on each Server group in a game. These dynamic processes are started and stopped depending on load, and handle things such as Areas, Physics, the Repository, and "Dude" connections, meaning communications between the clients and the appropriate server processes. Each instanced daemon might be used to create multiple instances of processes within the Group.


An instantiated class provides storage for mutable information.


The INSTANCE Archetype supplies the editing behavior for the instantiations of assets

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