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Building Your Game

HeroEngine is a very powerful tool that makes no presumptions on the type of game you will build, excepting of course that it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). Because of this, the implementation of your game systems is left up to you, as HeroEngine comes with no implementation of game mechanics of any kind. This is because it would be impossible to develop any sort of generic version of, say, combat, creatures, characters, items, etc. Every game is different, and every game wants to set itself apart in the marketplace.

Therefore, HeroEngine provides merely the foundations for building your game. The powerful DOM and HSL Scripting language allow you to define the data of your game and how everything works.

This still leaves a lot for you to implement in your custom way. This section provides tutorials that demonstrate how common systems can be implemented. There is also advice on how to leverage the included Required Systems utilities to implement your own game.

Start here! - Basic instructions on how to install the HeroBlade client, and learn how to move and look around in the game world
Learn how to create art assets that can be imported into HeroEngine, including characters, GUI panels, textures, particle effects, and other FX effects
Learn how to create areas, manage assets, and set up paths
Learn how to use the Script Editor, create client-side and server-side scripts, and manipulate the various scripting systems in Clean Engine
Learn how to implement common MMO-like things like abilities, quests, inventory, shops, and other game-specific systems
A complete list of all of the tutorials currently available. Clicking this link is the same as clicking on the "Tutorials" category link at the bottom of this page.
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