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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).

This is a process which handles server-side scripts. For the process which handles client-side scripts, see Client HeroScript Compiler Server.

The HeroScript Compiler Server is a separate process in HeroEngine, where scripts are submitted by the client, via the Dude Server, to be compiled. After a successful compile, the Compiler Server informs all other servers to load the new script code. Compiling a script creates byte-code, which is interpreted by a HeroMachine running in a server when the script is executed.

When a GameMaster writes a script, it will be either a client-side script or a server-side script. This Server only handles server-side scripts. If the GM wishes to compile a client-side script, the GM will submit it to the Client HeroScript Compiler Server, a different process.

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Note: Only customers with full or source licenses can modify values via the Master Control Console.

Parm Name Parm Type Description Default value
NonBandwidthTrackedChannels string list of non bandwidth tracked channels separated by ; (see source code)
EditingClientChannelMap string list of names for client channel map (see source code)
PrimaryDestinationString string the main destination for the channel currentarea
PlayerClientChannelMap string the map name for the player client channel (see source code)
HeroScriptMBServerDefs string well known mailbox name for remote definition queries for the server GOM HeroScriptMBServerDefs
HeroScriptMBClientDefs string well known mailbox name for remote definition queries for the client GOM HeroScriptMBClientDefs
HeroScriptChange string the security function to check when validating a script change SCRIPT_CHANGE
HeroScriptRead string the security function to check when validating a script read SCRIPT_READ
SystemGeneratedPath string the folder in the repository into which system generated files are placed /SystemGenerated/
HeroScriptSystem string the security system to use when validating actions HEROSCRIPT
ExposedConfigs string listing of configurations which are available for script to read
LatestScriptSourcePath string local file system directory in which to place temporary script code while compiling
HeroScriptDelete string the security function used to valid deletion of scripts SCRIPT_DELETE
PumpsToWaitAfterCoordinatorMessageFail integer how long, in pump cycles, to wait before retrying the DOM Coordinator registration 500
RepositoryName string Name of repository in which to load and save data HE
CoordinatorTimeout integer how long, in milliseconds, it should take the DOM Coordinator respond to registration 7000
NumberOfTimesToRetryCoordinatorMessage integer how many attempts to register with the DOM Coordinator are allowed 10
HEBatchIDLine string ID LINE used for creating DOM definitions HE
BatchIDClientTimeout integer how long, in milliseconds, the batch client is given before it times out 7000
CLI_FQN string it not empty, this file will be requested from the repository on startup and executed as a batch of CLI commands
HSCSWellKnownMailboxPrefix string well known prefix for the mailbox (seems to not be used)
HSCSSaveToRepository integer a non-zero number indicates that the script byte code should be saved to the repository, 0 means that it should not be saved 0
HSCSMethodConflictChecking integer a non-zero number indicates that methods should be checked for conflicts, 0 indicates that they should not 1
UncoordinatedConnectString string non-coordinated compiler servers are deprecated
ExtractSourceAtStartup integer deprecated flag which indicates source should be refreshed in the local file cache on startup 1
HeroScriptNodeProperties integer a non-zero number indicates that properties on nodes should be enabled (for the client DOM), 0 indicates that properties should be disabled 1
HeroScriptDefaultCategory string security feature used when validating actions DEFAULT
HeroScriptCreate string the security function used when validing script creation SCRIPT_CREATE

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