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These provide techniques for various administrative tasks within the wiki.


The syntax for this processing instruction is:

#REDIRECT [[<PageName>]]

If this processing instruction appears on the first line of a page, the contents of the page will not be shown, instead you will be redirected to the specified page. This is useful because it allows similar pagenames to share the same page content. Redirections are not recursive, only the first redirection will be used.

Example: if you go to WikiSandBox]] you will be redirected to SandBox.

If you wish to edit a redirect page, but it keeps sending you to the destination page, you can get back to the redirect page by checking for its link, right under the title of the destination page (it will say (Redirected from WikiSandBox)).

Page deletion

See also: Help:Deletion

In order to delete a page, add the following template at the top:

This will add a message at the top of the page, which flags it to the administrators for deletion.

Random page

To surf to a random page in the wiki, click on the link at left which says "Random page", or click on this link:

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