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Glow is an paramater for HeroMaterial which is setup in 3ds Max or Maya by the Artist.

Glow & Glow Mask options will create Bloom around the texels based on the Glow Mask on Assets when the Hero Engine's Environment Panel, Bloom: Strength slider is set to 1.

To apply this effect, go to Environment Panel, then Bloom section. Turn the vertical "Bloom" slider to 1 which affects everything. Set the "Amount" slider to 0 and the "Strength" slider to 1 which affects the Models. Also try setting "Sky Bloom" to 0 as well so that you can see the Bloom on the model for now.

Something to note, when you lower the Environment-Light Intensity the bloom fades out, loosing some of the impact of Glow.  Lighting can effect the Glow Material in Hero Engine.  

If you always want to see a Glow giving it more of an Emissive like effect where the texels are always visible, you can also use the No Illumination checkbox of the HeroMaterial.

Add the Glow check box with the Glow Mask to get the bleeding glow effect when the Bloom Strength is set to 1 in HE.

Below are four different HeroMaterial configurations to show how items with and without Glow look in Darker versus Brighter lighting.

Look at the images for two white squares on the Cubes.  The right square on each cube face has the Glow where the left square does not based on the Glow Mask.

Compare the Bright versus the Darker lighting to see how the glow fades out on the cube that accepts lighting.  The No Illumination (Unlit) will always glow.

Top Down View

Bright Light
Darker Lighting

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