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A GUI Slider is a type of GUI Control which visually represents a slider on the screen. Moving this slider back and forth will control the value of a different GUI Control.

Slider Control Classes

Fields: All parameters of GUIPanel, plus:

Field Subclass or Datatype Default Settings Description
range minMax 0.0,0.0 specifies the minimum and maximum values for the slider
pos float 0.0 specifies the position(value) of the slider in relation to its minimum and maximum values
padding paddingLR left=0
specifies the amount of padding on the left and right, as in the number of pixels from the relevant edge, at which the slider will reach its minimum or maximum range
increment float 0 specifies the amount that the buttons will move the slider
isHorizontal boolean FALSE When TRUE, it's a left/right slider, with the minimum value on the left. When FALSE, minimum is at the bottom

PaddingLR Subclass

Field Subclass or Datatype Default Settings Description
l float 0.0 The "left" value
r float 0.0 The "right" value


This Control makes the Buttons on either end of a slider to move it in small steps of a predetermined length.

Field Subclass or Datatype Default Settings Description
goesDown boolean false specifies that the given control decrements its parent control
owner string NULL Can specify the path to the owning GUI Control, or an integer specifying how many parents to look through, to determine which control this affects. Set this to the GUISlider which should be affected.

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