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In Fly Mode, also known as Camera Mode, you are moving the camera around, as opposed to your character. You will be able to move anywhere in the Area, and look at things from various angles. Note that some scripts may not work while in Fly Mode. For example, Mouse Events may only trigger if you are in Character Mode.

Entering Fly Mode

To get into Fly Mode, either:

Leaving Fly Mode

You can drop your character down to where your Fly Camera is at at any time by pressing the "~" key and entering Character Mode. If your viewpoint is in the sky, your character will drop down to the first walkable surface. If it is desired to keep the character in the sky for some reason, you may wish to create a temporary asset, such as a heightmap, that the character can stand on.

Movement keys

While in Fly Mode, the following movement keys work:

  • W is forward
  • A is left (strafe)
  • S is backwards
  • D is right (strafe)
  • R is up (as seen by the camera, aka... perpendicular to the camera facing)
  • F is down (as seen by the camera, aka... perpendicular to the camera facing)
  • Q - rotate view left
  • E - rotate view right

The mouse can be used to look up and down, or this can be reversed via a toggle in the "Visualizer" section of the Renderer Panel.


Camera speed

Camera speed can be controlled by:

The Fly Camera speed slider is available in the status bar, next to the viewport size dropdown menu.


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