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The flashing Green patterned material shows up when a texture is not currently present. There are a fews reasons for the flashing green material to appear.

Repository Request

In HeroBlade, click on Panels on the menu bar and open the Repository Request panel. This panel shows active requests for assets that are downloading to the local repository. If the panel is blank, than most likely everything in the current viewport has downloaded. If an asset still has the green flashing material, continue reading below.

Texture FQN not found

If the Repository Request is empty, use the following methods to indentified what textures are missing:

Errors Panel

Open the Errors Panel to see if there is a message about texture not found to load a file with the full path. Errors will look like the following:

Texture FQN(/staticmesh/textures/texturefilename_d.dds) not found.

Texture FQN(/staticmesh/textures/texturefilename_n.dds) not found.

Viewport Tools Tips

Toggle on Tool Tips with the Ctrl+t hotkey and hover over the flashing material in the Viewport. Look for the texture path under the MATERIAL: section. Be sure to zoom close to the flashing object in the Viewpoint, to ensure you're getting information from the correct Material.

Scene Analysis Panel


Hovering the mouse over a texture, will show the expected path

Fixing broken texture links

For Textures not found, one of the following solutions should be performed:

Make sure that the Texture Paths in 3ds Max or Maya match the Texture Paths in the Repository Brower.

Repository Browser

After the missing .dds texture files have been identified, upload them to the Repository using the Repository Browser.

Once copied into the Repository Browser, the texture should become available in HeroEngine, either for adding to the Textures rollout of the Terrain panel, for Particle Effects, Asset, GUI panel, etc., or it will instantly update whichever objects already used that texture.

Still not showing?

After you've identified a broken texture, and the asset has been updated to use the correct texture path, but when you go into the area, it asset still shows the flashing green texture error, try the following:

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