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Dom Editor Field Definition

Each field in the DOM may have replication parameters defined for it. If a class uses that field in its replication, these parameters will be used to control when updates are sent and what happens when updates are applied. These parameters can be set with CLI commands or in the DOM Editor.

These parameters are most important in situations where the message traffic from replication exceeds the available bandwidth a client is allowed to utilize. In these bandwidth-constrained situations, Bandwidth Control is used to limit what data transmits.

The goal, of course, is prioritize replication message traffic so that higher priority data is moved first. Priority can be sensitive to distance and time. For example, you might want to degrade the fidelity (update frequency) of movement updates about other characters/creatures that are father away from a given player than those closer. This sort of thing is easy to express with the priority and other available parameters.

These concepts are detailed in Replication Priority.

Destination Parameters

Destination Field (Server) - The ID or name of the field which this field maps to on the destination node on another area server.

Destination Field (Client) - The ID of the field which this field maps to on the destination node on a client.

Priority Parameters

Initial Priority - A floating point value used as the starting priority when the field is updated.

Delta Priority - A floating point value which is the amount of change to the priority of the field updates after one second has elapsed.

Lifetime - The length of time, in milliseconds, after which the update is discarded if it was not sent. An integer value.

Distance Factor - This floating point value is multiplied by the source to destination distance (provided by the Spatial Awareness System) and subtracted from the accumulated priority to determine the effective priority.

Control Parameters

Discrete - When set, this means that each change to the field must be sent to the client. If it is not set, then when a second update occurs to a field any unsent update is discarded.

Change Callback - The field updated function will be called when an update is delivered if this flag is set. See Replication Script Interface for details.

Reverse Replication - If this flag is set, the client is allowed to send the server field updates for this field when it is reverse replication the node.

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