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This is an intermediate-level tutorial, which shows the basics of the Fx System, such as how to open the Fx Browser and create a new Fx with a particle emitter. For a more detailed tutorial, see Fx System Tutorial.

Opening the Fx Browser

Open the HotSpot Menu (CTRL-SHIFT click the upper left corner of the viewport) or hit F5.

Hotspotgui tools.jpg

To open the Fx Browser, select the 'Tools tab, and under the Spec Oracles section, click Fx.

The Fx Spec Oracle Editor (your display may show a different list)

Adding a new Fx

The Fx Browser displays a list of all Fxs. To add a new one, click Add. This will create a new Fx and launch the Fx Editor GUI.

The Fx Editor GUI, a first look

Main page: FxGUI
Fxguieditor newfx.png

Several GUI panels will now be on screen:

The Fx Task Browser, Spec Data Window, and Fx Preview Panel can each be toggled hidden or not, by clicking corresponding icon in the Fx Toolbar.

Fxtaskbrowsericon.jpgTask Browser Fxspecdataicon.jpgSpec Data Fxpreviewpanalicon.jpgPreview Panel

Adding a particle emitter

See also: Creating a particle emitter

To add elements to your Fx, simply drag a task icon from the Fx Toolbar to the Fx Task Browser. (Example shows adding a particle emitter)


Your new task will appear selected in the Task Browser and a new panel, a Properties Sheet, will open.


You will need to specify which particle emitter to be displayed.

Positioning the particle emitter

If the Fx were previewed right now (meaning to click the "Preview" button), the Fx would appear in the world at the 0,0,0 position, which likely is not ideal, as it may be nowhere near your character. So, tell the particle emitter where it should be. This is done by setting its starting location.
  • In the FxEmitter Properties sheet, under the Fx3DController section, change the StartLoc property from DEFAULT to CASTER. The word "Caster" is from fantasy roleplaying terminology, as in the character that casts the Fx spell.

Previewing the Fx

Click the Preview button in the Preview Panel. The particle emitter should appear at the root of your character.


Changing the Fx location

That's it for a basic overview. For a more detailed tutorial, see Fx System Tutorial. For other basic functions, see below:

Copying a task

To copy an existing task, click and drag the task while holding down the CTRL key, and drop it in the browser (or on another task that is not itself).

Note: If you drag a task on top of another task, the new task will copy the start and stop data of the task it was dropped on, instead of using the default.

Deleting a task

To delete a task, click and drag the task out of the browser and drop it. You will be asked to confirm your delete request.

Deleting an Fx

As of this writing (September 2008) there is no way to delete an existing Fx. If cleanup is desired, the only method is to reuse a created Fx, such as to rename it as "for re-use", and then use that one when creating a new Fx.

See also

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