FX Oil Barrel Explosion Tutorial

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Creating an exploding Oil Barrel

This tutorial assumes that you have down the 3 part particle explosion tutorial as a prerequisite. We will learn how to add all 3 to an object as an fx that can later be triggered in game via script. It is best to construct your fx in the same area that you created your particles and other source material. You do not have to, it just makes any editing or tweaking that much easier. Please note: the path to the particles and prt files you created earlier may not be identical to the paths listed below if you are doing these tutorials in the HeroCloud.

HE explosionFX toolbar Full.png

Step 1 Open up the FX Editor

Press F5 to open the hotspot menu, then under the Tools tab click on FX. This is a list of all the fx's in your world.

Step 2 - Add Particles

Drag an drop 3 emitter nodes from the tool bar to the default FXGroup. Name them FlashBang, streaks, and debris. Select the Emitter named FlashBang by double clicking on it. Under the resource property, paste in the spec path for the emitter we plan to use. You can get this by copying the name property off your emitter under the Type section. For this particular example it is


When finished add the explosionStreaks_main spec to the streaks FX particle node and the debris particle spec to the debris particle FX node.

Step 3 Adjust node settings

FXGroup node

Now we want to adjust the FX node properties. On all 3 particle FX nodes, change the following.

On the main FXGroup node change the fire rate to half a second by entering 0:00:00.5 into the FireRate property.

Step 4 Test

We need an object to test out. You can use any static asset or preferably the Oil Barrel. Load an instance of it into the scene from the create menu or the asset panel. Go to the oil barrels properties panel and set the OerrideMaterialClass property to IGNORE. This is so that the particle do not collide with the interior of the object. If they did, you would see nothing when we play the FX. With the Oil Barrel selected, change the options on the preview panel, as follows.

Now you can deselect your oil barrel and it will still be active with the FX

Press preview on the preview panel and yo should see all the particles do a times half second run on the oil barrel.

Finally save your FX for later use!!!

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